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Combined Approach of Ayurveda
& the Unique Astro-Herbal TM Science

unique saiherbals formulas

What Makes Sai Herbals Unique?

During his 25 years of research, experiments, and experience, Dr. Rakesh Kumar (Ph.D.) discovered a unique method, that he calls Astro-HerbalTM Science. In this method, he incorporated the Planetary influences on the human body, and the subsequent Ayurvedic herbs related to them that can heal various difficult health conditions naturally.

Applying the principles of his discovery, Dr. Kumar created these special unique natural herbal formulas that proved to be very effective with no side effects whatsoever. Many people have already benefitted from these Astro-HerbalTM formulas named as Sai Herbals.

Dr. Kumar is the only one in the world who created and has applied this fantastic integrated system of Astro-HerbalTM Science.

In addition, all herbs are preserved in an impeccably clean, hygienic and holy atmosphere, to keep them in constant spiritual vibrations.

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