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Here are some testimonials from actual people who have used Sai Herbal products and have benefited from them. They felt they had to share their positive experience with everyone, so that others may also benefit from Sai Herbal products.

If you wish to share your experience with Sai Herbals, please email us at sales@saiherbals.com

"I have been taking Sleepz for the last few weeks, have not slept this good in over thirty years. Have been getting a restful seven to eight hours sleep daily since I started taking it. Thank you for the ongoing support, Dr. Kumar."

  • Anjula, New York (April 2013)

“I took Fem Health for a couple of months and I can say it was effective, and body is feeling light and healthy.

I am also taking Bone Tonic for a few months now. My bones are healthier and I am feeling much better overall.

Overall I am very satisfied and glad that there are such products in the market which can help naturally, effectively and without side effects. I wish more people knew about Sai Herbals.


  • Rebecca J., New York (September 2012)

"I was too stressed out due to my work and family situation, including dealing with my two year old twins. I started taking StressFree and within three days I started feeling much better, relaxed and cheerful."

  • Neetu P., California (September 2012)

“I am only 25 years old and started losing hair. I then started taking Hair Tonic and took it for about three months. I must say that it has proved to be quite effective and I'm feeling more confident now.

I have also been having very restricted and difficult bowel movements and Elimino has solved my problem. It is a great Ayurvedic relief without having to worry about any side effects.”

  • Victor S., New York (September 2012)

“I needed to calm down and to support my nervous system and so I took STRESS FREE. It was really amazing because even next day after I started taking the herbs I felt much better, the nervousess became less and less, and in 3 days I felt calm and relaxed, my worries disappeared and I had much more energy. Thank you for the healing and I hope your excellent natural products will help many people to improve their health as they helped me.

I also took HAIR TONIC herbal pills and noticed less hair loss and was surprised how fast my hair started to grow. Now my hair is long and shiny without use of expensive cosmetic products.”

  • Liza M., New York (August 2012)

"I took BP Free, Cholestro and StressFree and I must say that I'm very happy with the results."

All thanks to these Sai Herbal products that I am healthy again, both in body and mind.

  • Sennely, New York (August 2012)

“I am taking 2 BP FREE Natural capsules in the morning after breakfast. I am very satisfied with the results.  

I am also taking CHOLESTRO with fantastic results. Thanks”

  • Jerry Covington, Jr., New Jersey (August 2012)

"I am taking Fem Health every day since the past two weeks and my monthly periods are smooth and regular. I’m glad my mom found Sai Herbals for me!"

  • Malea, New York (May 2012)

“Your product Livcon has been so beneficial that I recommend it to anybody.  All my digestive problems have been relieved. Thanks. “

  • Cielo Diaz, New York (March 2012)

 “Just to recommend your product of BreathEasy because within the first week I started to feel much better.  I am sure that when I finish the course, I will be completely well.”

  • Lourdes Guzman, New York (February 2012)

The testimonials list is much longer, and we will expand more as we hear from you.

We look forward to hearing about your experiences with Sai Herbals. 
Please do write to us at sales@saiherbals.com 

Thank you!


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